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The J.M Wilber Blacksmith Shop Was built in 1895 in Eden Utah, by Jesse Wilbur. Jesse ran the shop until 1951, at which point Glen Wilber who joined his father Jesse in the business in 1924 took over and ran the Shop until 1971. When Glen retired He just shut the doors and left, and left all his tools and equipment. Many of the original features and items are still here in the shop. Including The floor, the front doors, pin-up posters, many items hanging from the rafters, the anvils, the forges, a 50 lb little giant power hammer, post vises, an electric radio, a set of drawers made from toe calk boxes, three workbenches, a hammer rack/table, two desks, a bellows, an electric drill press, a drill press and a grinder run off a line shaft, hand crank blowers, an electric blower with a patent date of 1913, along with hundreds of hand tools. 

Have a look at some of the originals below.

National Register of Historic Places

The Wlber Blacksmith shop was added the National Register of Historic Places On January 17, 2017. It is currently the only building in the Ogden Valley on the Register.

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